I humbly accept all the downvotes from BlockFi’s shills and the weird fuckers who don’t read the news before assuming this is a conspiracy thread.

Every major outlet has reported the same news including BlockFi themselves. If you can’t read I can’t help you.

This post is to alert more folks that BlockFi may be illiquid and to clarify that I just had my withdrawal erroneously delayed despite having done BockFi KYC / security checks multiple times including within the last month.

After using 5 factors of authentication, including device based 2FA, two email confirmations, password, device fingerprinting, a previously used wallet address, no VPN… BlockFi has informed me that they need a live biometric (second time this month) and that they will require three additional business days to process the biometric before they start the week wait to process the withdrawal.

I’m finished with BlockFi for good and I encourage anyone else to read the news and make their own decision.

Inb4 “you’re doing this out of self interest”. A run on BlockFi could cost me 5-6 digits. People deserve to know before they get ripped.

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