I cashed out in 2021. And all i have left is 1 BTC. Which I will never ever sell.

By cashing out in 2021, I no longer have to do overtime at work. I fully enjoy my time off.

I comfortably maintain my standard of living. (1br apt, a few vacations a year, strip clubs, alcohol and a few hookers.). No kids or wife.

With the recent dip to $25k …. I felt burning fomo to go all in. And take big risk again. But my freedom flashed before my eyes. If I did such a move… I would have to spend another year working 60hrs a week and cancel all vacation plans.

I took that risk in 2020 because I had nothing to lose. And all i knew was working 60hr+ weeks.

But now im soft and lazy and got a taste of what a life without having to hustle 24/7. I bought my freedom and that to me is worth more than any future "Yolo moves". (Unless we see 10k again, haaha)

Once you reach your goals,, do you plan to take a break and reevaluate things??? Or do you plan to keep doibling and tripling down to infinity like Miguel saylor?

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