Why Bitcoin is Necessary for everyone specially in social communist dictator governments Rant About Nicaragua..

So today my cousin who lives in Nicaragua was talking to me about going to pick up the money we sent for my Aunt to take care of her Medical needs due to contracting Covid-19 she has been in intensive care for 2 weeks with the aid of a machine being kept alive and its under an induce comma.

He told me that in order to get the money we sent he has to go to the bank which has a line of over 150 people waiting to get money as well and he was not willing to wait for over 4 hours to just retrieve the cash.

See the way it works is, if you sent money through Western Union then it goes to the central bank, then the Nicaraguan Government has to Approve that you can receive the money, if they don't, then the cash is confiscated on the spot and you have no say or ask any questions why this was done, not only do we have a pay a $50 fee to send $2,000 USD but the bank and government also charge you a fee, Not only do you have to wait inline for hours to get your cash from the bank but instead of getting Dollars Western Union give you Pesos and they pay you a lower rate than what is normally being paid in the country in the black market, IE $35 pesos per dollar, Western Union pays them $34 that is $1 peso profit for every dollar that is sent, Over time this ads to A lot of money, talk about double triple Fuck from the Government and Western Union, we pay to send the money, they get charged a fee by the bank and government and run the risk of your dollars being confiscated and on top of that western union gives them a lower rate for each dollar they receive, I told him all these fees and waste of time could be avoided if they were using Bitcoin like El Salvador is doing, he could be sitting at home on his couch watching TV while he receives the money almost free of any fees and within seconds through his phone, he was speechless..but the Nicaraguan government would never allow bitcoin this to happen, FOOK Socialist communist government, FOOK western Union and Fook the Central banks, I'm done with this RANT..FYI both my cousin and her husband are Doctors making pennies on the dollar..sorry for the grammar English is my 2nd Language but i hope my post gets the point across.

Line outside the Bank

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