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Transaction Fees Soar on Bitcoin Network as Network Braces for Halving

According to recent data, bitcoin transaction fees have significantly increased since the first week of April. Metrics show that the average fee has escalated to 133 satoshis per virtual byte or $19.48 per transaction. Bitcoin Fees Climb Steadily as Runes… Continue Reading →

Eigenlayer Launches on Ethereum Amid Concerns Over Centralization and Potential Security Threats

Eigenlayer launched on Ethereum’s mainnet with over $12 billion in total value locked, aiming to create a restaking ecosystem which, while promising lucrative prospects, may introduce unforeseen risks including potential centralization and the threat of slashing cascades impacting Ethereum’s security…. Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Miners Remain Optimistic About Future Despite Anticipated Revenue Loss

Although Bitcoin’s halving is expected to result in reduced block rewards for miners, several CEOs of bitcoin mining firms maintain a bullish outlook. In addition to investing in more efficient equipment, miners believe spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will continue… Continue Reading →

Privacy Token ZANO Now on Bitcoin.Com’s Verse DEX, Coming Soon to Wallet App

Integration signals a new era of privacy-focused digital transactions in the world’s leading self-custody cryptocurrency solution Dubai, UAE –’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX has launched a new liquidity pool, wZANO-USDT. This is a first step towards integrating the privacy-focused… Continue Reading →

Binance Set to Re-Enter Indian Market With $2 Million Fine Settlement

Binance and nine other foreign crypto exchanges were originally blocked in India due to non-compliance with the country’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, but Binance is set to return after a four-month absence by paying a $2-million fine, according to The… Continue Reading →

$10.5 Trillion Asset Manager Blackrock Explains Importance of Bitcoin Halving

Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, has explained the importance of the Bitcoin halving. “One of the reasons some people find bitcoin valuable is its scarcity,” Blackrock explained, adding that the halving also “underscores Bitcoin’s decentralized, programmatic nature and its… Continue Reading →

A Look at How Bitcoin’s Halving Might Trigger ‘Sell the News’ or ‘Sell the Rumor’ Reactions

With fewer than 300 blocks remaining until Bitcoin’s fourth halving, speculation has been rife, with many expecting a ‘sell the news’ scenario following an 11% drop in bitcoin prices. On the other hand, this downturn might just be the precursor… Continue Reading → Announces Launch of Verse Voyager NFTs With Exclusive Airdrop — Public Sale to Start April 24, a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency domain since 2015, is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Verse Voyager NFT collection, which has officially launched with an exclusive airdrop of nearly 10% of the collection’s supply to early community participants. The… Continue Reading → CEO: Bitcoin Price Dip Likely After Halving but ‘Great Performance’ Within 6 Months

The chief executive of has warned of some selling coming up as we approach the Bitcoin halving, citing the “buy the rumor, sell the news” strategy. Noting that what’s happening in the bitcoin market currently resembles previous cycles, he… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin’s Bullish Trajectory Should Resume After the Halving, Analysts Say

Global asset management firm Alliance Bernstein has explained that bitcoin’s bullish trajectory should resume after the upcoming halving event. The firm’s analysts described: “We believe it is always new demand catalysts that lead to bitcoin price appreciation in every cycle.”… Continue Reading →

Google Searches for Bitcoin Halving Skyrockets as Major Event Approaches

The excitement surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin halving has led to a significant increase in Google searches for “Bitcoin halving,” with interest reaching its highest point ever, more than double that of the last halving event in 2020, and is predicted… Continue Reading →

Magic Eden Surges to Top Spot in NFT Market, Records Stellar $756M Trading Volume in March

Magic Eden, a Solana-based NFT marketplace, achieved its highest monthly trading volume in March, outpacing Blur with a 194.4% increase to $756.5 million, attributed to its Diamond reward program and support for creator royalties. This surge led Magic Eden to… Continue Reading →

Worldcoin Foundation Announces ‘World Chain’ for Enhanced Human-Centric Apps

Worldcoin is set to introduce a new blockchain called “World Chain,” which is designed to give precedence to human users over bots, purportedly enhancing both utility and accessibility. The Worldcoin Foundation stated that this platform will be deeply integrated with… Continue Reading →

Roger Stone Endorses TRUMP Meme Token, Spurs Double-Digit Growth Amid Market Slump

Roger Stone, a seasoned Republican political strategist, lobbyist, and former adviser to Donald Trump’s campaign, has endorsed the meme coin TRUMP on X, sparking a 17% increase in its value amid a wider downturn in the cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile, the… Continue Reading →

Blackrock Closes in on Grayscale in the Battle for the ‘World’s Largest’ Bitcoin ETF

U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experienced three consecutive days of net outflows, with a loss of $58 million on Tuesday. Leading the outflow for the day was Grayscale’s GBTC. After Another Day of Outflow, IBIT Nears GBTC as Potential… Continue Reading →

27% of Ethereum Now Staked: $98 Billion Committed as Interest Peaks

Recent data reveals that over 27% of all ether, amounting to 32,472,720 ethereum, is currently staked, as interest in this activity has heightened significantly within the past year. Liquid staking derivative (LSD) protocols have locked in more than $40 billion,… Continue Reading →

Crypto Market Continues to Slide — QCP Capital Reports Increasing Market Anxiety

The cryptocurrency market contracted by nearly 2% on Wednesday, descending to a total value of $2.23 trillion. Bitcoin reached a daily low of $60,760 per unit, while ether declined to $2,944 per coin. Cryptocurrency Market Loses More Than $400 Billion… Continue Reading →

Ordinals Explorer Nets $2M in Pre-Seed Round to Pioneer Next-Gen Bitcoin Services

On Wednesday,, the Ordinals explorer, announced a $2 million pre-seed funding achievement to pioneer the expansion of Runes. Leonidas, the founder of, stated that the startup is strategically positioning itself to “serve the next generation of bitcoiners.” Ordinals… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Key Indicators Signal Bearish Outlook

As bitcoin’s price action shows signs of continued bearishness, the digital currency’s trading volume and market capitalization suggest a volatile but keenly watched market. Bitcoin Bitcoin’s (BTC) current trading price of $62,891 to $63,075 per unit underscores a market grappling… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Key Indicators Signal Bearish Outlook

As bitcoin’s price action shows signs of continued bearishness, the digital currency’s trading volume and market capitalization suggest a volatile but keenly watched market. Bitcoin Bitcoin’s (BTC) current trading price of $62,891 to $63,075 per unit underscores a market grappling… Continue Reading →

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