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Kaspa (KAS) Has Tied with Ethereum Classic (ETC) Among HiveOS Miners

Checking out the Hive OS Linux Mining OS statistics about what coins and algorithms are the most mined among the users of that mining operating systems today gives quite interesting results. Kaspa (KAS) has tied with Ethereum Classic (ETC) with… Continue Reading →

New lolMiner 1.70 and BzMiner v13.4.0 Bring More NEXA Performance Improvements

After the recent update of both lolMiner and BzMiner that brought AMD GPU support for NEXA, there is a new update for both (jointly working on developing Nexapow) that bring fixes and additional performance and efficiency improvements. You can expect… Continue Reading →

SRBMiner-MULTI v2.2.0 Released with Dynex Mining Support for AMD, Nvidia and Intel GPUs

The latest update version 2.2.0 of the SRBMiner-MULTI miner comes with support for mining Dynex (DNX) that covers the not only already available Nvidia GPUs (via the official DynexSolve miner), but also adds support for DNX mining on AMD and… Continue Reading →

Better Mining Efficiency of ZIL with ASICs and Old Low-VRAM GPUs on

The mining pool has introduced a new beta feature targeted at miners using ASIC miners such as iPollo or older GPUs with less video memory onboard that would allow them to make more profit when dual-mining Zilliqa (ZIL). These… Continue Reading →

Excavator Miner 1.2.10a With Performance Improvements

We just gave a try of the latest NiceHash Excavator 1.2.10 alpha miner (source) that includes new algorithms and some performance improvements. It has been a while since we have played with last, so there are some changes that we… Continue Reading →

Now You Can Mine KASPA (KAS) on f2pool With 500K KAS Contest for Miners

The f2pool has just launched its Kaspa mining pool today with a 1% PPLNS payout scheme for KAS mining and the pool is running a contest to attract miners who will be competing for 500,000 KAS in total prizes. The… Continue Reading →

New lolMiner 1.69 and BzMiner v13.3.0 Bring NEXA Support for AMD GPU Miners

While the latest updates of lolMiner and BzMiner are not the first to bring support for the Nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project, they currently offer the fastest performance on AMD GPUs. Previously you could mine NEXA on AMD… Continue Reading →

The Goldshell MINI DOGE II 420 MH/s Scrypt ASIC Miner is Now Available

Goldshell has completed their new BOX II home-oriented mini miners line-up with the release of the MINI DOGE II miner that is now available on their website for orders. The new Goldshell MINI DOGE II ASIC miner, much like the… Continue Reading →

Building a Simple Mining Rig Restarter with Raspberry Pi

Making your own solution for restarting a mining rig that has frozen is relatively simple for pretty much anyone, you just need a Raspberry Pi board and a couple of 5V relay boards and you can be up and running… Continue Reading →

Quick Comparison of the Goldshell KD BOX PRO and Goldshell KD BOX II Kadena ASIC Miners

Goldshell’s new KD BOX II Kadena (KDA) ASIC miners are getting into the hands of more and more small and home miners and we’ve also picked up one (now also a WiFi version is available) and have decided to do… Continue Reading →

Asking the ChatGPT AI to Predict the Future Price of Bitcoin

It seems that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot topic all over the place now with ChatGPT by OpenAI being one of the most widely used tool at the moment and people are asking the AI chatbot all kinds of… Continue Reading →

New Rigel 1.3.5 Nvidia GPU Miner With Further Improved NEXA Performance

The latest update of the Rigel miner version 1.3.5 once more brings it to the top spot in terms of mining performance for NEXA mining after it has briefly lost its leading position to the recent release of lolMiner 1.67… Continue Reading →

New lolMiner 1.67 Release Focused on Improving NEXA Mining Performance

There is a new lolMiner 1.67 release that is apparently focused on improving support and performance for the nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project. The performance improvements can vary depending on the kind of Nvidia GPUs you have available… Continue Reading →

Bitmain Has Announced the Upcoming AntMiner E9 Pro ETC Miners

The sale of the updated Pro version of the AntMiner E9 ETC/ETC miner is apparently going to start in a few days according to a tweet from Bitmain. The new Bitmain AntMiner E9 Pro ETC miner is supposed to deliver… Continue Reading →

How to Properly Dual Mine KAS + ZIL With the Rigel 1.3.4 Nvidia GPU Miner

The Rigel Nvidia GPU miner is a newcomer among the mining software solutions for GPU miners and more specifically for Nvidia GPU mining rig operators, but it is doing quite well in terms of competing with other older and more… Continue Reading →

The Latest lolMiner 1.66 Adds support for NEXA Mining as Well

The just updated lolMiner 1.66 has also introduced support for the nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project, something we kind of expected after the recent release of BzMiner v13.0.1 that included a mention of that NEXA support has been… Continue Reading →

The NEXA Crypto Project is Attracting the Attention of more Crypto Miners

Just two weeks ago we have shared an interesting statistics based on the users of the widely used Hive OS Linux Mining OS that has shown the rapid increase of miners going to Kaspa (KAS) and now we are seeing… Continue Reading →

The Rigel Nvidia GPU Miner Has Introduced Support for NEXA Mining

The Rigel Nvidia GPU is a newcomer on the mining software front and apparently is less than two months old since its initial release, supports just a few crypto algorithms, but looks nice with it the terminal user interface it… Continue Reading →

Mine CLORE Coins Used by the CLORE.AI Distributed Computing Platform

The CLORE AI platform is trying to build a distributed supercomputer where regular users can offer their computational power and get paid in BTC for the use of their hardware as well as being rewarded with CLORE coins. The project… Continue Reading →

WildRig Multi 0.36.4 beta Now With Faster NEXA Performance and Lower Fee

Now that WildRig Multi is not the only GPU mining software to support NEXA mining with the recent addition of nexapow mining in the latest BzMiner (Nvidia only for now), we got a new WildRig Multi 0.36.4 beta release with… Continue Reading →

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