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I’m investing every last penny into Bitcoin.

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Someone is posing as SpaceX on YouTube and operating a scam with 20k people watching

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What I Love About Bitcoin…

The anticipation I feel when I send my hard earned money to an address just hoping it shows up sometime soon And the relief I feel when it arrives The anxiety I feel withdrawing from an exchange before it gets… Continue Reading →

Lightning Junkies episode Alex Gladstein talks Privacy + Human Rights

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Can’t stay away from stock-to-flow

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Electrum Personal Server 0.2.1 – Features massive speed improvement in startup time

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What 1 trillion dollars look like

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Sold. Using my earnings to finally move out my parents’ house and have a fresh start. Thanks Bitcoin!

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Bloomberg expects bitcoin to double to $20,000 this year, says something needs to go ‘really wrong’ for it to not appreciate (BTCUSD)

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops 9% to January Levels

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Stonks only go up

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You don’t just simply buy Bitcoin. You convert fiat into money.

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So Are We Just Supposed To Pretend He Never Said This.. Multiple Times.

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I am Jeremy Rubin the author of BIP-119 CTV, AMA!

Hi /r/Bitcoin! My name is Jeremy Rubin and I'm the author of BIP-119 OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY. Verification on Twitter. I figured running an AMA would be a great opportunity to get community feedback on the proposal and answer any questions about CTV… Continue Reading →

An Ice Cream shop in Berlin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method !

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If you thought Paul Tudor Jones taking a 2% position in Bitcoin was a ballsy move, RealVision’s CEO Raoul Pal hodling 25% of his portfolio in Bitcoin.

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It rained for 2 years . . .

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Bitcoin after 2020 halving.

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Daily Discussion, June 04, 2020

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead…. Continue Reading →

This is NOT OK. Upvote for visibility

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