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LayerZero readies sybil ‘bounty hunting’ effort, spots 800k addresses in airdrop scheme

LayerZero’s ongoing self-reporting effort to combat Sybil attacks has revealed more than 800,000 sybil addresses. Next, it kicks off the ‘bounty hunting’ stage.

AntPool mines 7 consecutive blocks, ‘centralization trend’ continues

Antpool, the second-largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool, recently made headlines by successfully mining seven consecutive blocks on May 17, sparking worries within the cryptocurrency community about network security. 

Former BitConnect promoter pleads guilty to criminal charges

John Bigatton, a former promoter of the notorious BitConnect scheme, has pleaded guilty to criminal charges

Genesis Global gets court approval to distribute billions to creditors, DCG challenge gets rejected

Genesis Global, the digital assets lender that went bankrupt last year, received court approval to pay billions in cash and crypto to creditors. The judge also rejected a legal challenge from Genesis Global’s parent company, DCG.

VC roundup: Humanity Protocol hits unicorn status, Arch Labs, others secure major funding

Recent VC successes from the past week include Humanity Protocol, Arch Labs, Uxuy, Arcium, Zest and Zeal. But only one startup boasts a $1-billion valuation.

Real-world assets need real-world utility | Opinion

We have to go beyond the basics of proof of ownership and token gating to create enough value for the world to care about tokens beyond speculation.

Defi builders must choose their bridge wisely | Opinion

Despite the decline in hacks, the defi space is still overrun by hackers probing for potential flaws in a protocol or a smart contract vulnerability to exploit.

SEC targets Ripple’s stablecoin; What to expect from Bitcoin & this new AI altcoin in May?

Ripple, known for its XRP token, is back in the headlines, but this time, it’s about their upcoming stablecoin launch#partnercontent

Crypto and banking: tokenization of the global financial system is yet to come | Opinion

This is Part Two of a three-part series interview with William Quigley, a cryptocurrency and blockchain investor and co-founder of WAX and Tether, conducted by Selva Ozelli exclusively for

Top 3 cryptocurrencies in 2024: Rollblock Binance Coin and Avalanche show potential

This year, three cryptocurrencies have caught the eyes of both newcomers and experienced traders as we journey through 2024: Rollblock, Binance Coin, and Avalanche#partnercontent

Is crypto regulatory clarity impossible? Asia doesn’t think so | Opinion

Japan’s proactive legislative adjustments and Hong Kong’s embrace of digital asset management have laid the foundation for a regulated web3 ecosystem in Asian nations.

Fantom leads altcoin rally; Near Protocol eyes $10 as GFOX meme coin pumps 30%

The crypto market saw a strong recovery today following the CPI report that US inflation is now at 3.4%. Bitcoin pumped 7% to $66k, with GFOX pumping by over30%#partnercontent

Solana trader nets $780K in 15 minutes, rising altcoin wins over Ripple whales

Solana trader’s $780k profit underscores cryptocurrency’s potential as InQubeta garners Ripple whales’ attention with innovative features. #partnercontent

PEPE and KANG witness surge in whale activity amid price rally to new all-time high

Pepe and KangaMoon token holders are seeing a surge in whale activity as their prices reach new all-time highs. #sponsoredcontent

Crypto personality ‘T.J. Stone’ pleads guilty to wire fraud

Thomas John Sfraga, known as “TJ Stone,” entered a guilty plea to wire fraud charges in a Brooklyn federal court on Thursday. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Sfraga was accused of deceiving investors with the promise of up…

CoinGecko: Solana became fastest blockchain amid meme coin craze

Solana proved to be the fastest among major blockchains, according to a report by CoinGecko.

zkSync hints at June token airdrop

zkSync tweeted about plans to hand over governance to the community next month, suggesting that a token airdrop is imminent.

Kraken ‘actively reviewing’ USDT suspension in EU under MiCA regulation

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is considering delisting the USDT stablecoin in the EU

Notcoin donates $6.8m NOT to Telegram’s Pavel Durov

Following a recent airdrop, the Notcoin project expressed gratitude to Telegram founder Pavel Durov. 

Oklahoma passes bill protecting rights to self-custody crypto

Oklahoma has passed a bill to safeguard residents’ rights to self-custody digital assets, including crypto, effective Nov. 1.

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