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eth2 quick update no. 18

Oh you, Spadina, Finally, finality Hello and farewell tl;dr A quick Spadina postmortem New testnet: Zinken. Launchpad is live; Genesis deposits due in one week! Spadina Postmortem The Spadina testnet dress rehearsal launched this past Tuesday. Although Spadina is now… Continue Reading →

Q2 Allocation Update

Hello again! We’re back to share the grants that went out over the second quarter of 2020 – but first, some ESP updates from the last few months: We’re writing about grants today, but grants are not the only kind… Continue Reading →

eth2 quick update no. 15

Farmer minds his crops An optimistic outlook The fields are aflame tl;dr Medalla chugging along smoothly Client diversity is a must eth1+eth2 (Phase 1.5 aka The Merge) end-to-end demo Testing and audits continue as we approach Phase 0 launch Medalla… Continue Reading →

The Stateless Tech Tree: reGenesis Edition

This week we’re revising the Tech Tree to reflect some new major milestones to Ethereum 1.x R&D that are not quite a complete realization of Stateless Ethereum, but much more reasonably attainable in the mid-term. The most significant addition to… Continue Reading →

Validated, staking on eth2: #5 – Why client diversity matters

Disclaimer: None of this is meant as a slight against any client in particular. There is a high likelihood that each client and possibly even the specification has its own oversights and bugs. Eth2 is a complicated protocol, and the… Continue Reading →

ESP: Beyond Grants

Since transitioning into the Ecosystem Support Program from EF Grants, we’ve talked about defining “support” more comprehensively, thinking beyond simple grant funding. But what does a more comprehensive definition of support actually mean? In practice, it means something different for… Continue Reading →

Announcing Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs) [Eng / Esp]

* Encuentra al final, un breve resumen en español Today, we (the Devcon organizing team) are excited to make public a new way to get involved in next year’s event, and one that should make Devcon an experience that better… Continue Reading →

Development update #4 –

Hey Ethereum community! It’s been a few months since our last update so it’s about time we let you know what’s been happening over at First up, we’re now using Gatsby Under the hood at we’ve switched from… Continue Reading →

The 1.x Files: GHOST in the Stack Machine

Ethereum can be simple enough to understand from a bird’s-eye view: Decentralized applications powered by the same sort of crypto-economic guarantees that underpin Bitcoin. But once you’ve zoomed in to, say, a street-level view, things get complicated rapidly. Even assuming… Continue Reading →

Ask about Geth: Snapshot acceleration

This is part #1 of a series where anyone can ask questions about Geth and I’ll attempt to answer the highest voted one each week with a mini writeup. This week’s highest voted question was: Could you share how the… Continue Reading →

> But who will control the miners at L1?

> But who will control the miners at L1? Fred again. Fred can charge higher fees for his L2 sequencing and inclusion services, and increase his profits, if he controls both paths for getting transactions on-chain. I don't see why… Continue Reading →

eth2 quick update no. 12

eth2 quick update no. 12 As always, a lot continues to happen on the eth2 front. Aside from written updates (check out the State of Eth2 post below) and other public summaries, client teams, contributors, and community members/prospective-validators have been… Continue Reading →

The 1.x Files: EIP 1559 and the Ethereum Improvement Horizon

I’ve been thinking recently about post-apocalyptic wastelands. Specifically, about this scene from Mad Max: Fury Road, when the main characters have just escaped the first wave of pursuit, and are staying ahead of their would-be captors. They need to keep… Continue Reading →

The State of Eth2, June 2020

A huge thank you for excellent input and feedback from Sacha Saint-Leger, Joseph Schweitzer, Josh Stark, and protolambda. I spend a lot of my time explaining and answering questions about eth2, and I mean a lot. Some of this on… Continue Reading →

Devcon: Hacia Colombia en 2021

Queridos Amigos, In our most recent update, we outlined what Devcon is all about and spoke to our renewed focus on growing the Ethereum ecosystem. Part of that focus is on making sure that, for all types of attendees, the… Continue Reading →

I feel like this post is addressing an argument that isn’t the actual argument that MEV auction…

I feel like this post is addressing an argument that isn’t the actual argument that MEV auction proponents (including myself) are making! In particular: > But the funds “created” by an MEV auction don’t come from nowhere. Ultimately the money… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Foundation 2020 Spring Update

To the users and the builders, We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Ethereum’s future is bright, and this year we are seeing much of that future come to life as the Ethereum ecosystem builds on a foundation… Continue Reading →

Ecosystem Support Program: Allocation Update, Q1 2020

The Ecosystem Support Program is an arm of the Ethereum Foundation dedicated to providing financial and non-financial support to projects working to help Ethereum grow and thrive. We recently published an update detailing how the Ecosystem Support Program spent 2019,… Continue Reading →

eth2 quick update no. 11

We’ve all been pretty busy with all the things! I’ll try to keep these posts rolling out, but in the meantime, be sure to checkout Ben Edgington’s What’s New in Eth2 to get your fix. Tune into Ethereal Virtual Summit… Continue Reading →

Development Update #3 –

Hey Ethereum! Here’s the latest update from the team: Help us reach 30 languages! Over the last 6 months, the global Ethereum community has translated into 23 languages. Today, traffic to non-english pages accounts for more than 20%… Continue Reading →

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