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Bitcoin Fees Tap $60 per Transaction, Users Say Fees Restrict Adoption, Others ‘Embrace’ the BTC Fee Pump

On April 21, Bitcoin network fees touched an all-time high according to a number of transaction fee aggregators. The average bitcoin transaction fee is approximately $59.88 and the median fee is around $26.44 USD per transfer. Bitcoin Fees Climb Sky… Continue Reading →

Ripple CEO on Burning XRP Escrow: “I Don’t Rule Anything Out”

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse doesn’t rule out burning billions worth of the XRP token, according to his latest interview

Here’s How Many Americans Know About XRP, Cardano and Chainlink

More crypto-curious Americans know about Chainlink than about XRP and Cardano

MakerDAO (MKR), Golem (GNT) Pairs Delisted by Bitfinex. What’s the Reason?

Top-notch crypto exchange Bitfinex posted an announcement on delisting some trading pairs, including those with popular coins

Steve Wozniak’s EFFORCE (WOZX) Now Listed on Exchange and Opens Platform to the Public

PRESS RELEASE. Exchange is thrilled to announce the listing of WOZX, being available to trade on the 21st April 2021 at 10:00AM UTC. WOZX was created by the EFFORCE team, including Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, as the energy savings… Continue Reading →

Clubhouse Media Launches New Content House for Tokenized Digital Art and NFT Sales

Clubhouse Media will use its 280 million social media audience to start selling tokenized unique digital artwork and content items related to NFTs

IOTA Begins Migration to Chrysalis, Here’s What It Means

Today, IOTA starts implementing its new major upgrade Chrysalis and it will take a calendar week

The Problem With Painting Blockchain With a Crypto Brush

Blockchain’s underlying decentralized ledger technology has many practical applications, yet, the value of the technology itself has in practice become secondary to token capitalization. Speculation in Coins and Tokens Routinely Overshadows Promising Developments and Initiatives As major governments and central… Continue Reading →

Crypto YouTuber Draws Parallels Between SafeMoon and Bitconnect

Popular crypto YouTuber Lark Davies tweeted a warning over the new Binance Smart Chain project SafeMoon. He likened its rising popularity to the now-defunct Bitconnect scam, saying the euphoria of gains is blinding users to “the obvious.” Bitconnect arrived on… Continue Reading → Raises $100 Million from Tesla Early Investor Baillie Gifford

Legendary money manager with 110-year long history has put $100 million into a leading blockchain wallet

Torum Closes Million Dollars Private Round to Create The First Social Media Platform with NFT & DeFi Innovations

Torum, a social media platform specially designed for cryptocurrency users, is proud to announce that the project is now backed by some of the most promising VCs in the crypto industry. The $1.45M private round was participated by 13 private… Continue Reading →

Crowny Listing on AscendEX

AscendEX, formerly BitMax, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of the Crowny Token (CRWNY) under the pair USDT/CRWNY on Apr 21  at 1:00 p.m. UTC. Crowny has created a… Continue Reading →

Ripple, Houbi and Coinbase Shift 128 Million XRP, While Coin Sits at $1.37

Ripple giant and several major digital exchanges have moved 127.9 million XRP between each other, according to the recently shared data

Is FLR Airdrop to XRP Holders Taxable? Here’s What Ripple CTO Says

Flare (FLR), a core native asset of Flare blockchain, will be airdropped to the majority of XRP holders in late Q2, 2021. What does this mean in terms of taxation?

Forbes-Recognized Social Media Expert with over 36 Million Followers Joins Grow to Advance Adoption of Medicinal Marijuana

Grow–a firm that’s advancing the use of medicinal marijuana by leveraging blockchain–is welcoming Branden Hampton—an established social media guru, as their new Chief Cannabis Officer. A Social Media Guru Joins Grow’s Ranks In a press statement on Apr 20, the… Continue Reading →

Crypto Service Providers Accused Of Locking User Funds and Poor Customer Support 

Voyager Digital Ltd, a publicly traded holding firm with subsidiaries that operate a licensed crypto trading platform, has been accused by some of offering poor customer support. Users in An Uproar One Reddit user accused the crypto service provider of… Continue Reading →

Rapper Snoop Dogg Releases 420 Dogecoin Video for Elon Musk

Snoop Dogg has shared his DOGE video, featuring a Shiba-Inu, congratulating Elon Musk on the 420 day

Court May Prohibit SEC to Contact Foreign Regulators Regarding Ripple: Lawyer James Filan

Court has announced another conference for Ripple and the SEC, the judge may ban the SEC from making MOUs with foreign regulators about Ripple, a lawyer believes

Facebook’s Diem Looking to Launch Stablecoin Pilot Later in 2021

Switzerland-based Diem Association could reportedly launch its stablecoin pilot in 2021. However, the proposed pilot would be on a small-scale.  Diem’s Dollar-Pegged Stablecoin Pilot Could Begin in 2021 According to CNBC on Tuesday (April 20, 2021), an anonymous source revealed… Continue Reading →

Another South African Company Reveals Plans to List a Crypto ETF on Local Stock Exchange

Fresh reports from South Africa suggest another local company, Sygnia, is set to apply to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to list a new cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF). This application will be the second time Sygnia has attempted to list… Continue Reading →

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