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Govt-Backed ‘Crypto Valley Association’ Launches in Switzerland

[…] The post Govt-Backed ‘Crypto Valley Association’ Launches in Switzerland appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

IMF’s Fed Reserve Warning Risks Rattling U.S. Stock Market Rally

The U.S. stock market and the Fed may not be accurately pricing in economic consequences from the pandemic, according to the IMF.

Ninja’s Weekly Fortnite ‘Battles’ Has Everyone Saying the Same Thing

After watching the first event in Ninja Battles, Ninja’s new Fortnite tournament, viewers are all saying the same thing.

Madonna Posts Another Insane ‘Inspirational’ Video – Twitter Says ‘Pass’

As the rest of the country protested, Madonna tweeted a strange video of her son dancing. Twitter was not having it.

Rosie Perez’s Appearance at Governor Cuomo’s Briefing Is a True NY Move

Rosie Perez and Chris Rock made an appearance at Governor Cuomo’s latest press conference. Despite criticism, this was a true New York move.

Rhianna ‘Embarrassed’ by Travis Scott – What’s That Say About Kylie Jenner?

Rhianna was allegedly embarrassed to date Travis Scott in 2015. Kylie Jenner? Not so much. Is Kylie playing second-rung to the Barbadian star?

The PS5 Is in Serious Trouble If It Doesn’t Copy This New Xbox Feature

The Xbox Series X is blowing the PlayStation 5 (PS5) out of the water with one major feature: backward compatibility.

Ellen DeGeneres Should Absolutely Be Sacked – Here’s Who Should Replace Her

Rumors are swirling that Ellen DeGeneres could leave her show. If the gossip is true – and let’s hope it is – here’s who should replace her.

The Dow Won’t Stop Rallying Because Wall Street Is Impervious to Pain

The Dow Jones rallied for a third straight day as a momentum-driven stock market continued to defy precarious economic data.

This Billionaire Just Gave up on Warren Buffett (And Maybe We Should Too)

Billionaire Bill Ackman just dumped his stake in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. Maybe it’s time for us to give up on him too.

Unemployment Is Shrinking But More Pain Is Coming

Fewer Americans are filing for unemployment claims as businesses reopen, but the damage to the economy will last for a long time.

Xbox Just Unveiled a Major Series X Surprise – And Trust Us, It’s Epic

Xbox Series X backward compatibility features are impressive, but the real feat is bringing performance improvements to Xbox and 360 games.

The Stauffer Scandal Exposes Everything Wrong with Influencer Culture

The Stauffers, YouTubers who became famous after adopting a boy from China, have “rehomed” the child. But there’s a bigger problem here.

Wait, Did the U.S. Housing Market Really Just Hit Rock Bottom?

The U.S. housing market just swallowed another batch of grisly data. But according to one economist, the worst is already over.

Smart Money Hasn’t Been This Bearish on the Stock Market Since Obama Was President

Institutional investors are shorting the S&P 500 Index at levels not seen since 2016. Is this a sign of things to come or a good contrarian indicator for the bulls?

The White House Has a Plan to Revive the Economy: Don’t Talk About it

Donald Trump’s unwillingness to release economic projections raises red flags as it suggests things aren’t as rosy as he insinuates.

Donald Trump’s Threats Make Twitter Stock a Buy

Twitter stock is going to suffer over the next few days, but ultimately Donald Trump can’t do without the social media platform.

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Paying Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Bills

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a peculiar notion of what “financial independence” means. Just look at who’s paying their bills.

Will China’s ‘Nuclear Option’ Blow Up the Dow Jones Rally?

A new Chinese law, dubbed the ‘nuclear option’ will anger Washington and could spark a fresh round of retaliation between Trump and Beijing. That’s not what investors want to hear.

Blame Strict Sony Executives for Frustrating PS5 Event Delays

PlayStation has reportedly shelved multiple presentations due to execs demanding a polished, studio-quality PS5 showcase.

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