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1xBit Offers Up To 40 Commissions Through New Affiliate Program

Popular Bitcoin sportsbook and casino platform, 1xBit has launched a new affiliate program offering higher…nThe post 1xBit Offers Up To 40 Commissions Through New Affiliate Program appeared first on

Bitcoin Volatility Explained

The post Bitcoin Volatility Explained appeared first on 99 Bitcoins.nBitcoin Price Volatility measured by of change last 30 day estimate last 60day estimate Defining Bitcoin Volatility Volatility refers to how much price jumps up and down over time. The VIX… Continue Reading →

A beginners guide to Ethereum tokens

PwC Teams Up With Alibaba For Food Supply Blockchain Test

PwC Australia is partnering up with Alibaba and others on a trial that will find it seeking to provided added trust to the food supply chain.nSource

Consensus 2017 EU, India Governments See Path to Global Blockchain Adoption

Speakers during the opening panel of Consensus 2017 agreed that blockchain is set to go global but differed on how the technology will get there.nSource

RSK Raises $3.5 Million, Launches Bitcoin Smart Contract Testnet

RSK Labs has received $3.5m in pre-Series A funding and opened up its production testnet to the public.nSource

Consensus 2017 IBM Thinks Blockchain Could Save Shipping Industry ‘Billions’

Blockchain technology is poised to recover billions of dollars lost to coordination costs in both capital markets and the shipping industry. nSource

Consensus 2017 BitPay CEO Calls Bitcoin Fork ‘Only Option’ For Businesses

A panel focused on bitcoin scaling drew crowds at Consensus 2017 today, though panelists painted a somewhat murky picture of potential paths forward.nSource

Toyota’s R&D Division is Building a Blockchain Consortium

Toyota Research Institute TRI is going big with a bold blockchain strategy unveiled as part of its exhibit at Consensus 2017.nnSource

ShapeShift Breaks New Ground With ‘Prism’ Digital Asset Portfolio Product

ShapeShift has unveiled a new product called ‘Prism’, one that brings a whole new style of investment to the cryptocurrency markets.nSource

IC3 Debuts Upgraded Off-Chain Transaction Protocol ‘Teechain’

The Initiative For CryptoCurrencies &038 Contracts IC3 has unveiled a new version of its Teechan off-chain transaction protocol.nSource

One for All Citi, DTCC and PwC Talk Blockchain Teamwork at Consensus 2017

Enterprise blockchain was on full display at Consensus 2017 in New York City today. There, leaders from some of the largest and most influential companies gathered on stage to address an audience of blockchain executives and coders alike. From infrastructure… Continue Reading →

Nuco Launches Blockchain Beta for TMX Group Natural Gas Exchange

When the gas goes out in your apartment, chances are someone will pay the various members of the supply chain that move the gas from the earth to your home can face serious penalties if you’re unable to stay warm… Continue Reading →

131 Countries BitPay Goes International With Bitcoin Prepaid Visa Card

BitPay is expanding its prepaid bitcoin card offerings to more than 100 new countries. Unveiled today by BitPay chief commercial officer Sonny Singh at Consensus 2017, the Visa-branded offering enables users to top up BitPay Cards with dollars using cryptocurrency,… Continue Reading →

Consensus 2017 ‘The Future Is Here’ For Blockchain’s Cross-Border Impact

Cross-border blockchain use was up for debate during today’s Consensus 2017 panels. nSource

Over 30 Deloitte Adds ‘Mercury’ Project to Blockchain Prototypes

Deloitte has unveiled a new trade finance initiative, one that adds to its growing list of blockchain projectsnSource

Deloitte Joins Blockchain Consortiums Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger

Deloitte has revealed that it’s joining two blockchain consortium effortsthe Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the Hyperledger project.nSource

Consensus 2017 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Puts Blockchain Privacy Into Focus

Privacy and confidentiality are big-ticket priorities for the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, ethereum-focused consortium launched in February.nSource

EEA Adds New Members to Boost Future Ethereum Innovation

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance EEA has announced that 86 new members have joined the initiative that aims to bolster innovation around the Ethereum blockchain. The EEA, founded by corporate giants such as Microsoft, Intel and BP, views the Ethereum blockchain… Continue Reading →

Blockchain Technology Fuels Global Advancements in the Energy Sector

As moonshot projects in the distributed world abound, its not surprising to see the energy sector jumping into the fray. This comes as the heavily regulated power industry eyeballs new approaches for allowing consumers to generate and sell electricity in… Continue Reading →

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