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PayPal’s Just Introduced a Bitcoin Onramp to 346 Million People

Bitcoin’s price rocketed to $13,000 this morning after news broke regarding FinTech giant PayPal’s foray into the crypto market. It has long been rumored that the payment processing firm was cooking up a crypto-related feature. Still, past reports regarding blockchain-specific… Continue Reading →

Crypto PayPal News Sends Asset To New All-Time High, But It’s Not Bitcoin

News breaking today that payments giant PayPal would be supporting cryptocurrencies sent the price of Bitcoin rocketing over $1,000 in a single day. But it was another asset that soared to a new all-time high on the news. Here’s how… Continue Reading →

Chainlink Could Follow Bitcoin and Go Parabolic if It Breaks One Key Level

Chainlink and other altcoins have been severely underperforming Bitcoin throughout the past few days, as BTC has pushed to fresh yearly highs while most altcoins remain down 50% or more from their highs that were set just a few days… Continue Reading →

The Second Day Running Sees Bitcoin is Up While Equities Fall

For the second day straight, Bitcoin is up while equities fall. Is this the beginning of a decoupling from traditional markets? @SmartContracter picked up on this trend yesterday by saying: “was very surprised to see this today, but there is… Continue Reading →

Former BitFinex Whale Expects Bitcoin Dump as Price Hits $12K

Bitcoin bulls should expect pain ahead even as the cryptocurrency has added more than $1,000 to its value in the last five days. Bitcoin breaks $12,000 in the latest rally. Source: BTCUSD on Bitcoin breaks $12,000 in the latest… Continue Reading →

Kraken-Owned CryptoWatch Launches Crypto Trading Terminal

The Kraken-owned Bitcoin and crypto-asset trading data provider and trade execution platform Cryptowatch just released a desktop client for expert and institutional investors in the industry. Cryptowatch is a modular trading terminal where users can track cryptocurrency market trends in… Continue Reading →

Peter Schiff’s Alleged Tax Evading Bank Was Targeted By Bitcoin Ransomware

Peter Schiff is one of Bitcoin’s biggest naysayers. The well-known gold bug recently had his dirty laundry aired out for all to see, as part of an alleged tax evasion case involving his Euro Pacific Bank. As part of an… Continue Reading →

Ripple Consensus Ledger Is up for an Upgrade

Ripple, the cryptocurrency and its underlying protocol that has been making waves in the global financial infrastructure are undergoing further improvements. Ripple Consensus Ledger is being used by leading banking and financial institutions as they explore the potential and implementation… Continue Reading →

Prolonged DeFi Slump Impending? Uniswap Volume Drops 83% Since Peak

The decentralized finance (DeFi) market is slumping as large-cap tokens like Uniswap (UNI), (YFI), and Maker (MKR) decline. Atop the lackluster performance of major tokens, the volume of the Uniswap decentralized exchange has substantially dropped. On September 1, when… Continue Reading →

Trader Lays Out “Worst Case” Technical Scenario For (YFI) (YFI), the decentralized finance (DeFi) darling that led the DeFi market upsurge in the third quarter, is stagnating. Technical analysts are now considering the worst possible scenario for the DeFi giant. A pseudonymous DeFi trader known as Aaron, who… Continue Reading →

Sweeping Changes Coming to Finance, Ripple CTO Believes XRP Can Benefit

Ripple CTO David Schwartz weighs in on discussions of a “Great Financial Reset” by saying talk of a one-world currency is premature. However, Schwartz acknowledges that a global network of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is coming soon. With that,… Continue Reading →

Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Primed to Launch: ConsenSys Programmer

Ethereum’s 2.0 (ETH2) upgrade is expected to begin to roll out in the near future. The upgrade has long been awaited by crypto investors across the industry, with it facing a number of delays. There was a scare a number… Continue Reading →

These BitMEX Alternatives Are the Best Specialized Investment Platforms for Traders

It’s official – the U.S. government has the Bitmex exchange in its headlights. With one Bitmex leader in custody and others on the lam, the exchange is practically toast. New York Times broke the story on October 1 showing how… Continue Reading →

Why Apple Users are Diving into the Cryptocurrency Trading Business

Last year, Apple hinted that it has been following the development of the cryptocurrency industry intently, leading some to speculate that the global electronics and payment giant was preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency or blockchain platform. Though this prospect… Continue Reading →

Polkadot Experiences a Spike in the Number of Active Developers

A report from Outlier Ventures analyzed key developments in the blockchain space over the past year. It showed that in 2020, Polkadot experienced the biggest upsurge in developer activity, at +44%, compared to any other platform. In contrast, EOS suffered… Continue Reading →

“Check Out Thorchain (RUNE),” ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Says

The chief executive officer of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees, is cementing himself as a fan of the DeFi space. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained many supporters over recent months, Voorhees being one of them. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin… Continue Reading →

Blast From The Past: Atari Crypto Token To Debut On Bitcoin Website

In February 2018 before the crypto bear market truly took hold over Bitcoin and other assets, companies that had little to do with blockchain began announcing tokens of their own, many that never came to fruition. Atari token, however, will… Continue Reading →

Industry Continues to React to OKEx Freezing Bitcoin Withdrawals

Yesterday, leading Bitcoin exchange OKEx revealed that it had frozen withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin to the altcoins it supports. The firm said one of our private key holders is currently cooperating with a public security bureau.” Related Reading:… Continue Reading →

Changelly Launches New Marketplace for Buying Cryptocurrency

Changelly, a premier non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, has made its mission to lower the entry barrier and make crypto available to everyone. It is with that goal in mind that Changelly developed their fiat-to-crypto marketplace. While these days the crypto… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price Just Dove $300 After OKEx Froze Withdrawals: Here’s Why

Bitcoin has rapidly corrected lower in the past hour. In the span of thirty minutes earlier this hour, the leading cryptocurrency slid from $11,520 to a low near $11,200. Bitcoin has since recovered to $11,275 as buyers have stepped in… Continue Reading →

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