Imagine an asset that has performed so well that there is literally a denial page of dedicated non-investors to discuss all of their non-investments.

I'm curious what other assets have done well enough that they have active pages of people who waste their time to discuss NOT investing into it? Anything?

Is it the psychological damage that takes place knowing you could have put a few dollsrs into something when the page was started and have been retired many times over by now?

I found BTC to be exciting, but having a page like that speaks to its insane reach and affect on people's daily lives who both invest, or choose to reject it to the point that you need everyone to know your about your rejection and theories. Severe insecurities, denial, misinformation and outdated comments or not, Buttcoin is a part of BTCs continued publicity whether you like it or not. In my eyes, we should be thankful for their heavy lifting in a way

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