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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Breaks His Silence on Cooperating with U.S. Secret Service

Brian Armstrong defends Coinbase’s decision to sell blockchain analytics software to the U.S. government

Bitcoin Under Trump, Including a State’s Rights Battle

Silence surrounds the probable impact of Trump on Bitcoin because there’s a dearth of facts. Some indications hint at a favorable impact however, even as they pose threats to freedom and prosperity. Indeed, sometimes its because of the threat that… Continue Reading →

20,000 Helbizcoin Investors Accuse Company of Trying to Destroy Evidence, Seek Court Injunction

A group representing about 20,000 investors in Helbiz Inc has filed a motion seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the company. Investors want a motion granted to stop the company from destroying smart contracts that supports Helbiz… Continue Reading →

Zimbabwe’s Battle To Control Currency Inadvertently Boosts Bitcoin Profile

Zimbabwe’s deteriorating economic situation is forcing authorities to sign off on some desperate and controversial decisions. Some of such decisions include the abrupt suspension mobile money as well as the recent designation of Zimswitch as a national payment switch. Reserve… Continue Reading →

Christophe Cieters: Monopoly Money

As money developed and people opted to place it in secured storage, banks started issuing banknotes which represented a client’s deposit at the bank and the promise to redeem each note for the amount of gold it represented at a… Continue Reading →

Chinese Authorities Confiscate $15 Million in Cryptocurrencies, Arrest 10 Scammers

Chinese authorities have seized cryptocurrencies worth about $15 million while bringing down a scam involving fake Huobi tokens. In addition, ten people were arrested while luxury cars and real estate were confiscated. The police in the Chinese city of Wenzhou,… Continue Reading →

IOTA Releases Industry-Ready Version of Chronicle, a Decentralized Storage Framework

On July 10, IOTA (MIOTA) announced their official permanode solution dubbed Chronicle is now in Alpha. Chronicle was released by the IOTA Foundation in September last year with an aim to store all IOTA transactions, forever. Addressing a Key Issue… Continue Reading →

The Cryptocurrency Race Heats up as Bitcoin Dominance Drops 30%

Bitcoin’s price has been rising steadily throughout 2016 and Q1 of 2017 amassing a record market capitalization of $25.5 billion USD. However, many other cryptocurrency markets are growing in value and bitcoin has lost more than 30 percent of its… Continue Reading →

‘Fiat and Money Printing’ Street Mural Earns $500 in Bitcoin Donations in Five Days

A Parisian street artist is receiving hundreds of dollars every day in bitcoin donations from his painting that speaks about “fiat and money printing.” Pascal Boyart’s latest mural, “Confessions of a Red Jester”, is a modern interpretation of the 1862… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Expecting a $9,100 Retest over the Weekend

Where is the next stop for Bitcoin (BTC) that it might bounce off?

Bitcoin Script and Onchain Contracts: Two High-Level Programming Languages for Bitcoin Cash

Last May, the software developer and creator of, Rosco Kalis, released Cashscript version 0.4 that included a number of optimizations. Cashscript’s new website highlights the high-level language that “offers a strong abstraction layer over Bitcoin Cash’ native virtual machine,… Continue Reading →

French Pharma Firm Transgene Utilizes Blockchain to Track Clinical Trials

In a recent press release, French biopharmaceutical firm Transgene announced its integration with blockchain supply chain traceability solution Hypertrust-X Chain for Clinical Trials for its individualized therapeutic vaccine against ovarian, head, and neck cancer to provide an immutable audit trail… Continue Reading →

Play CryptoSlots’ Winning ‘Race for Office’ Game as You Countdown to the Election

If the news cycle is bearing down heavily on you, it is time to put some fun back into politics. CryptoSlots have done just that, by excellently pitting the White House contenders against each other on slot reels in Race… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price May Hit $9,600 as Soon as It Overcomes This Level: Major Analyst

Prominent crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe has shared his short-term forecast on altcoins and Bitcoin price on Twitter

Bitcoin Prize For Winners Of South Africa Mountain Bike Race

About 150 mountain bikers will compete at this year’s edition of the Munga MTB race in South Africa. The race will commence in the first week of December. The top three finishers in each category will share the 1.5 bitcoin… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Still 40% Below the 2019 High, While Gold is in Bull Market: Peter Schiff

The outspoken Bitcoin opponent Peter Schiff cannot but take a jab at BTC, this time insisting that unlike his favourite gold, Bitcoin is in a bear market

Ethereum Sees Inflow of New Investors as Its Wallet Fundamentals Reach New ATHs

Glassnode analytics provider says that the amount of new Ethereum holders has surged along with new ATHs reached by the ETH wallet fundamentals

Market Rebellion Co-Founder Jon Najarian Calls Bitcoin the Most Portable Currency

A CNBC analyst Jon Najarian shares what crypto he trades apart from Bitcoin and what it is he loves about BTC in particular

South Korean Yapizon Bitcoin Exchange Loses $5 Mil in Last Month’s Hacking Incident

The cryptocurrency platforms have always been the attractive targets for hackers and cybercriminals. It is common for a majority of the platforms to face DDoS, hacking and phishing attempts, most of which will be thwarted by security measures. However, sometimes… Continue Reading →

TOP 3 Bitcoin and Crypto News for Today: 10 July ? BTC, ETH, & XRP Analysis, Zcash?s PPP Loan, & USDT Co-Founder?s Insight

Price analysis for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP, Bitcoin (BTC) developer questions Zcash?s PPP loan, and Tether?s Co-Founder no longer owns any USDT.

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