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ECB Chief Christine Lagarde Downplays Bitcoin’s Risks to Financial Stability, Troubled by Stablecoins

ECB President Christine Lagarde downplays any risks bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could pose to financial stability and monetary sovereignty. In contrast, she sees stablecoins, such as Facebook-backed libra, as posing “serious risks.” Christine Lagarde, Bitcoin, and Facebook’s Libra The president… Continue Reading →

Central Banks of UAE and Saudi Arabia Say CBDCs are More Efficient and Can Preserve Privacy

The conclusion of Project Aber and subsequent review by the Central Banks of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority) and the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) shows that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can improve remittance and satisfy privacy… Continue Reading →

Earnfinance Is a Powerful DeFi Platform for Staking, Farming and Borrowing – YFE Presale Is Live

PRESS RELEASE. What is yield farming? Yield farming, also referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. In simple terms, it means locking up cryptocurrencies and getting rewards. In some sense, yield farming can… Continue Reading →

Gold Sees Largest Weekly Outflow Ever, Metal Prices Spiral Lower, Analysts Expect Flows Into Bitcoin

Gold investors are getting anxious, as the precious metal’s prices have slid a great deal since a number of vaccine companies have revealed medicines to combat the coronavirus. The price of one ounce of fine gold is valued at $1,770… Continue Reading →

Tezos Set to Implement Zcash Privacy Features in Edo Upgrade

Smart contract blockchain protocol Tezos (XTZ) is gearing for its next network upgrade designated “Edo” which will reportedly introduce robust security features to the network. The Edo update will also include a revamp of the project’s smart contract functionality with… Continue Reading →

XRP Fork Flare Gets Support from One More Major Exchange

Poloniex, one of the oldest crypto exchanges, will support Flare Networks? Spark airdrop

Venezuelan Army Starts Mining Bitcoin for ‘Unblockable Income’

The Venezuelan Army has inaugurated a cryptocurrency mining center with bitcoin mining equipment aimed at generating “unblockable income,” as the country attempts to bypass U.S. sanctions. The crypto mining center has the support of the country’s crypto regulator, Sunacrip. Venezuela’s… Continue Reading →

Chinese Province to Curb Electricity for Miners

One of the largest Chinese mining hubs has banned power stations from supplying energy to Bitcoin miners

Pizza Hut Now Accepts Crypto Payments for Food and Drinks in Venezuela

Pizza Hut has announced that it would henceforth receive payments in cryptocurrency in all of its stores in Venezuela. This was made known by CryptoBuyer, a crypto services company. Pizza Hut to Accept Bitcoin in all It Stores Popular American… Continue Reading →

Uniswap (UNI) Liquidity Mining Extension Proposal Ready for Final Voting

The proposal to continue distributing Uniswap (UNI) tokens for two more months at half the earlier rate has been moved forward as a formal governance proposal. By Nov 28, the snapshot poll had the required threshold of 50,000 UNI after five days… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Considers Bitcoin

During the first week of May, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the agency’s Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) branch have shown a keen interest in bitcoin and blockchain technologies. On May 2 DHS awarded three blockchain-based startups $2.25… Continue Reading →

Cartesi Announces Bootstrapping of Noether Sidechain Network

Cartesi (CTSI), the project enabling smart contracts to run on a Linux environment, is launching the PoS system that will power the data availability side-chain (Noether) on mainnet. Noether will be a highly optimized data availability oracle for temporary storage… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Price Surges Above $19,700, Sets New All-Time High

Bitcoin has today set a new all-time high with the leading cryptocurrency trading as high as $19,800 in the past few hours. This milestone broke the previous all-time high of $19,666 recorded on the Bitstamp exchange on Dec 16 2017…. Continue Reading →

TRON’s BitTorrent Partnered with Huawei

Over 3 billion Huawei users across 170 countries now have access to TRON’s BitTorrent, the world’s largest distributed network service. Huawei, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, has listed BitTorrent (BTT); a TRON portfolio project, on their latest… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Crushes Previous All-Time Price Highs Surpassing 2017’s Bull Run

Digital currency markets are on a tear this week, as a myriad of crypto assets have seen enormous gains during the last two days. Then finally, on November 30, 2020, the largest blockchain in terms of market cap, bitcoin (BTC)… Continue Reading →

Introducing the Open Oracle Gateway for Polkadot

The Open Oracle Gateway provides open, inclusive, and progressively decentralized price oracle services to the ecosystem in Acala, Karura, Polkadot, Kusama and beyond.  Acala’s Previous Approach to Oracles Up until now, Acala previously ran its own oracle network with multiple… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Classic Undergoes Thanos Hard Fork Upgrade for Improved GPU Miner Access

After crossing the 11.7 million block height milestone, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has undergone a hard fork to bring about the anticipated Thanos upgrade. The Ethereum fork has suffered numerous security issues with multiple 51% attacks and proponents are hoping the… Continue Reading →

Guggenheim Investment Fund to Invest $497 Million in Grayscale’s GBTC Seeking Bitcoin Exposure

Guggenheim’s billion-dollar Marco Opportunities Fund (MOF) may seek indirect exposure to BTC through the investment of 10% of its net asset value into Grayscale’s BTC Trust (GBTC). The investment (when complete) means MOF will have committed as much as $497… Continue Reading →

Ethereum Briefly Surpasses Bitcoin in Number of Nodes

There were more nodes participating in the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain than on the Bitcoin (BTC) network for a brief period at the start of the week. This news comes amid the imminent launch of ETH 2.0. Bitcoin Regains Lead over… Continue Reading →

Vodafone Partners Block Gemini to Tap Blockchain for Digital Recruitment Processes

Vodafone inks alliance with Block Gemini to leverage blockchain to streamline the digital recruitment processes. Using Blockchain to Simplify Recruitment According to a report by technology start-up Block Gemini has entered into a partnership with telecommunications behemoth Vodafone’s offshoot… Continue Reading →

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