FiatMarketCap is an interesting idea for an informative website that lists major fiat currency market capitalization in Bitcoin (BTC). Think about CoinMarketCap, but in reverse where the altcoins are fiat currencies and you can easily see data such as circulating supply, price in satoshi (parts of Bitcoin) and total market cap calculated in BTC. Currently there are 116 major fiat currencies used around the world listed on the website and we are sure you will find some that you have probably never heard of. You can check Market Cap in BTC and circulating supply data by country where you have 140 countries listed, more than the number of fiat currencies as for example EUR is being used in a number of countries in Europe. The Countries Fiat Value data is also quite interesting as it tracks fiat value and supply change in percentage over different time frames and there are probably some interesting things to consider when looking at the data for your country. The FiatMarketCap project is certainly an interesting project to keep track of.

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Source and More information: FiatMarketCap – Top Fiat Currencies by Market Capitalization