I work in finance, and can tell you, it is incredibly frustrating going to /r/personalfinance and giving advice to people that just want to sit around smelling their own farts. That is a place where people are supposed to know what they are talking about, and practically everyone there thinks that finance, means budgeting.

Financing has been around for thousands of years, and yet people have very little basic knowledge about even the concept of money, let alone the cost of it.

It gets so bad that I can't help but to sit there and say that it feels like I'm "early" to the concept of interest rates. When in reality, the stupidity of the people are what the central planners are counting on. They aren't hiding their theft from regular people, they are just operating out of another dimension.

I wonder if Bitcoin will suffer eternally due to the people that it benefits, having no real interest in learning why or how, and the people that do understand it, all have much more to gain from gaming the system.

Rant over. This will likely be seen by 4 people, but I needed to get it off my chest.

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