On 4/26 Blockchain.com sent me an email telling me my account was compromised. I had told them several times it was not, but they didn’t care. Fair enough, I understood but was still annoyed because they support system is trash and they take forever. So I had to submit all of these documents and recent transaction written down and send them over to them via email. I had to make a new account and get it verified to receive the funds they were gonna transfer from my old account. I do all of that, then play the waiting game. I notice about two weeks in my old account was deleted, but I didn’t receive my funds yet on my new account.. so I reach out, and get ignored. I wait another week or two, check back and my new account they made me make to receive my funds was deleted. It won’t even let me use their live chat, and they won’t respond to me over email. Has this happened to anyone else? I lost a decent amount of money from this and I’m hurtin cuz of it now

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