I was just thinking that if someone just learned about Bitcoin and wanted to invest that the price of 44k (at the time of writing) for 1 BTC might deter some people from investing since they might think there's no way I'll ever own 1 BTC. But if the price was being presented and talked about in terms of Satoshis would a lot more people be willing to invest? Would we get more of the shitcoin investors willing to buy into bitcoin? I know the math is all the same, but the psychology of investing $100 and getting 0.0022727273 of something (btc) doesn't seem as appealing as investing $100 and getting 227,272.73 of something (sats) does. And I think a lot of people who invest in shitcoins like that they can own thousands or millions of something and hope the price rises. If people looked at the price of 1 sat (0.00044) would they be more or less willing to invest? Curious what people think about this?

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