While visiting my grandparents today we started talking about saving money and investing. I tried to avoid bringing up Bitcoin (as it would be hard to explain to a 80 and 82 year old) so I just told that I have a portion of my savings on an easy to access savings account and another portion is 'invested'. Then my grandpa went 'Well I just hope you don't fall for that Bitcoin scam, they have been sending me spam for a while now'. After telling them I actually did own some Bitcoin my grandma seemed interested and started asking questions on how it could not be a scam.

So in the most simple and easiest way I tried to explain to her how bitcoin works. I know she is a smart lady and that even at her age she can understand a lot of technical stuff (she has her own webshop) so I just went for it. Then in the middle of me explaining on how the blockchain works she interrupted me and said 'Well this all just reminds me a lot of the gold market'. Taken aback a bit I could just grin and say 'yeah.. that is actually a very good comparison'. Then after patting herself on her back calling herself a smart granny she just took over my whole explanation and just started talking about the benefits of a decentralized currency. I wasn't even finished explaining and she just tied the rest of the knots together herself! After she was finished she seemed visibly excited to have learned something new and just said 'Well now it all just makes complete sense, all I can say is that you are now at the right time in your life to be experimenting with something like this, and I'd rather have you buy some Bitcoins than to see you spend it all in a casino'.

My grandma has always been able to pull me back to earth and has been a voice of reason for me since I can remember. She usually ends up being right about basically anything she says, so to have her be so excited about Bitcoin truly means a lot for me and gives me a lot of extra confidence in Bitcoin itself.

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