I have had Bitcoin on coinbase for years! A couple of months ago I decided to get a ledger, and it seems I did so just in time!

Yesterday my phone service stopped working (said the sim was not provisioned). At first I didn't think much of it. I have connection problems often, anyway. Today I woke up and it was still not working. I also couldn't access my email. I contacted my phone provider and apparently someone went into a store and told them they needed a new SIM. They switched my SIM off when the new one was activated. They used it to access my email using the 2fa account recovery. They logged into coinbase, which was luckily empty. They tried to use my linked credit card and Bank account to purchase $25,000 worth of Bitcoin through coinbase, but luckily it was rejected.

I also luckily have different passwords for everything I do online. It seems like 2fa actually made my account more susceptible to attack in this case. As far as I can tell no other accounts were compromised, but I'm changing everything anyway, just in case.

Be safe! Keep your coins in your own wallet and far away from the exchange!

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