I know we arent supposed to say stuff like this but I needed to tell somebody. Right before covid my parents kicked me out and I lived in my car for little under 2 months. I had about $300 in my pocket at the time. Every day, I would wake up early and donate plasma before work and then work 8-12 hours at my sales job depending on how many hours of OT they gave me, I would also shower there too. Ever paycheck I got I would take what little money i needed for necessities and the rest I would put in in bitcoin. To me, bitcoin was hope, hope that I would eventually be able to be financially stable and for a brighter future. I bought in before the dip and during the dip to sub 5000. Again, sorry i know we shouldnt talk about this but i cant tell anyone and today i passed 1 whole coin.

Edit: For those thinking I am a liar, ill post proof of my getting kicked out and of my holdings, if theres a way to safely do that lmk

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