Title says it all.

So far I’ve made it to Umbrel and the ras pi4 I think it is, seems pretty tight.

But I’d like to read more and see more options. Are all nodes the same? Are there different types? It would be from my primary residence will it effect my isp traffic/usage/bill? Do I need more security than a standard router and piece of shit cable modem?

You see where I’m going with this. Please recommend some good resources for starting out. Can be books, sites, blogs, forums, whatever it is I’ll check it out.

I made it past exchanges, keys, cold wallets and hot wallets and am quite proud of what I have learned and am proud to say that I no longer am just watching, I Hold and want to support bit as best I can outside of just purchasing. I believe one day I would like to be a miner, albeit small and likely unprofitable.

Share some resources please.

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