Like yes, it’d be nice as an “early adopter” that I could end up becoming rich off of this. But I don’t think it’s likely. I only have about, 6k in BTC so I doubt even if it explodes it will “set me for life”

But I’m not holding Bitcoin because I want to be rich. At least, it’s not what motivates me completely.

The system, time and time again, fucks the little guy. We went from slaves to serfs to indentured servitude to (wage) slaves. It doesn’t matter what era of history.

The powers at be manipulate everything to send us to war to fight other poors over geopolitical / ideological dick measuring; they drink Champaign while we lose our jobs and houses. The young are growing up to inherit a world that wont be able to own a house or get ahead because of big time investors.

Taking back centralized control of the banking system is how we win. It’s how we get true democracy and fairness. If we take back control of the money system, there’s no more bailouts. No more paper printing. No more manipulation.

This is the real reason I invest. To fuck over the people who think me, and everyone I care about, are just ants to step on while they get more wealth.

Whether it goes up or down- don’t let go of this one of a kind chance to completely flip the table to even the playing field for the rest of humanity from this point on.

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