Has u/nullc aka Gregory Maxwell just been banned suspended from reddit? EDIT: he’s been suspended.

This is outrageous. He is an indispensible source of high quality info in general and currently an important window into the Wright vs. Hodlonaut trial.

Members of the bsv community have lately been aggressively reporting users to the reddit admins, that now have been tricked into suspending nullc in the midst of the trial.

Update 1: nullc indeed got suspended due to bsv shills that filed false reports about him to the reddit admins.

Update 2: cryptorebel aka Truth__Machine gloating on twitter about getting nullc banned: https://twitter.com/cryptorebel_sv/status/1571869240902418432?s=46&t=Zd_uOHeUSNeOY7jAp7G6Cg

User u/cryptorebel was permanently banned from reddit and is actively evading his ban by posting as u/Truth__Machine. Recently he also got hodlnautvsfraudlnaut banned, and banned me from r/bitcoincashSV for no reason.

This is pure harassment of reddit users by u/Truth__Machine.

Update 3: looks like u/Truth__Machine is not done yet, he plans to get user Zectro banned as well.

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