Knowing When to Buy the Dip - If you're thinking about selling right now DON'T & Why you shouldn't

Ok ladies & gents,

To some, this recent pull back might look like a repeat of the correction after Elon's candle but it's not.

Here's why:

  1. Adoption is increasing (Visa, MasterCard, Tesla, Square, PayPal, JPM, GS, BNY, BlackRock). All of these companies don't mess around and are all taking action towards adopting crypto.
  2. Inflation – Do I really need to explain this? Go look at the M2 money supply or the price of any commodity over the last year and you'll get the picture
  3. Interest rates might be increasing but they can't go that high. Look up Operation Twist for more info, this is a can of worms I don't want to open right now but basically short-term rates are going up for the near future and long-term rates will go down incentivizing long-term investment in the economy. This will balance out over time and people worrying about rates jumping shouldn't because it would literally break the entire world economy if you don't believe me refer to #2
  4. The price is being manipulated right now for either institutions (most likely) or whales to accumulate at a lower price


This is called a sell wall. To newbies, this may look like someone trying to offload a bunch of BTC so they can get out but this is an extremely common tactic seen in both the traditional financial markets as well as cryptocurrency markets. It works particularly well in crypto because volume is so low. The idea is (relatively) simple. Pretend you want to buy a bunch of BTC without pushing the price up too much. You can't buy it all at once so you need to spread it out over time. But hang on, doing that will cause a bunch of green candles in a row and everybody and their mom will jump in on the action so what do you do?

You pretend you're selling a bunch for more than what you want to buy it for. This will scare people into selling at or below your sell wall, allowing you to buy up all their BTC for the price you want. Once you have what you want, you take away the sell wall (prepare for launch) and buy up until people join in (to the moon) . This is what happening literally right now so if you're selling stop. My guess is there will be an announcement soon about another company investing in BTC or an investment bank/hedge fund just got they're trading desk running.

TL;DR – Always buy the dip.

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