Mark Randi, I am calling you and CNN out for your woefully weak assessment of inflation risks. The idea that government spending/debt in no way contributes to inflation ignores the World's experience with debt for the last 100 years. These assertions are ridiculous. I quote:

"All of this refutes the notion that the government spending and tax breaks to support the economy through the pandemic, including the American Rescue Plan this past March, are somehow behind the higher inflation. These factors certainly gave a boost to demand last spring, but that faded when the Delta variant gained momentum this fall. There is also no good way to connect the dots between the Build Back Better agenda, which is currently being debated in Congress, and higher inflation."

Inflation comes out of a series of bad choices most often, not a singular event. And the fact that it didn't happen at that exact moment does not prove your thesis one bit. Consider the world's experience with war time spending and the aftermath. This piece was written with an agenda and it sucks.

When hope is the plan, as you seem to suggest Mark, there is no plan. Buying Bitcoin is an actual plan.

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