If you buy bitcoin, you had better be prepared to lose fiat. While this is essentially true any time you "buy" something, many people in this space are thinking about bitcoin as something they will sell later for more fiat.

If you are thinking this way, you will likely not be happy with your investment as you will not be able to tolerate the induced volatility in bitcoins fiat value. Your desire to not lose fiat will cause you to capitulate before selling at a loss because you love the fiat, not the bitcoin. Then cognitive dissonance kicks in and you will convince yourself that bitcoin is to blame for your mistake.

Actually "investing" in bitcoin requires liking bitcoin more than fiat and understanding what it is you're buying. If you understand bitcoin, there has been no volatility for more than 10 years. 1 BTC is still 1/21000000 of the supply. New blocks are added every ten minutes. Tick tock, next block is actually verifiable and true. Again – the key is that you have to like bitcoin and what it represents more than fiat.

And herein lies the true value that bitcoin brings it owners: sovereignty. You are purchasing back your freedoms and sovereignty from oligarchs and tyrants. Don't forget, historically speaking, you would have to pay in blood for this. Instead, bitcoin represents the first time in human history that the ruling class can be forced to play by the same rules as everyone else without violence. Would I take a 50%, 70%, 90% pay cut to avoid global conflict? I sure would. Especially if I believed it was only going to be temporary.

Since very few people alive today have experienced war or violent conflict (with a few notable exceptions), we seem to have forgotten what a price human lives are to pay for sovereignty. The ruling class won't give up their control without a fight. They own the governments, militaries, and police. So we can't fight for it that way even if we all gave it our best.

So instead of picking up a gun, or shouting in the streets, or charging at the windmills, just buy and hold bitcoin.

When I buy bitcoin, I don't lose fiat. I gain bitcoin. I am purchasing my freedom, 1 sat at a time.

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