In my quest to get rich via Bitcoin, ive been reading & watching current & past content regarding guessing when the Bull market ends & the Bear market begins etc, and most of the guess work seems to have been reached by studying graphs & charts.

In retrospect, a lot of these guesses were completely wrong & some were so far off the mark that you might as well have asked a newborn baby to give you a sign about when the Bull market will end.

I have seen the rationale behind some of the predictions that came to fruition, but the same methods are not always guaranteed to bear fruit in other similar (or different) scenarios.

I'm at the point now that I lose my sh*t whenever I see a chart accompanied by any of the following phrases: Descending Triangle, Wedge, Double Bottom, Bollinger Band, Candlestick, Pennant, Double Top, Flag, Symmetrical Triangle & Ascending Triangle etc…

If you use these charts/terms & you truly believe that they have been of great benefit to you, then great… Just keep it to yourself & your close friends.

However, if you think you sound clever talking about these things as if they are bonafide FACTS (when they are literally just speculation), then do the rest of us a favour & stick a ball-gag in your mouth & strap it in firmly (if you don't have access to a ball-gag, then a large orange & some duct tape will do).

End of rant!

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