• Ebay has been replaced by Openbazaar and everything is 10% cheaper becuase no fee
  • Twitter and Facebook have been replaced by a decrentralized opensource version of social media. there are no ads and your not being tracked
  • Google has been replaced by duckduckgo
  • Price of bitcoin $100trillionUSD
  • 1 satoshi buys you one house, one lambo, and lifetime supply of hookers and cocaine
  • Peter Schiff has finally given up and bought his first satoshi – its all he can afford
  • Pakistan is now the richest country in the world
  • ASIC miners can run Crysis
  • All central bankers are in prision. the prision system is 100% ran by a timelock and they will be release at a certain block height rather than number of years
  • Satoshi Nakamoto is the richest person in the world.

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