I started buying crypto this January and my portfolio already doubled which made me greedy and super scared of any dip as I thought this could be the next bear market. It eventually led me to try day trading and I quickly lost $1500 because I was blinded by imagining myself driving a lambo.

The lesson I’ve learnt is that as long as you invest what you can afford to lose and buy crypto that you believe in, you can stay calm even during dips or a brutal bear attack. I FOMOed into several coins that ever having their moment but ended up selling them because I didn’t have confidence in holding them for months or years to come.

There is only few now, with Bitcoin in the lead, that I really believe will have a tremendous value in the future. That’s why right now I keep my coins in interest accounts (I know – not my key not my crypto) and trying to use all the extra cash I have to buy the dip.

I might not make 100x profits this year or ever in my life from crypto but my short journey has so far been really great and I know that in several years I will be thanking myself for not being afraid and HODLING since 2021! I’m sure that we’re still very early in the game.

Last tip for everyone who’s experiencing anxiety because of the recent drop: if you really planning to HODL just stop checking your porffolio, go take a walk, talk with your family or play some games. Sooner or later everything will be alright ❤️

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