Every talking head complains bitcoin doesnt produce an income or provide a yield. Warren Buffet even saying its worthless because it cant mail him a check. But these same people turn around and say cash is king and you should always have cash in emergencies.

They think bitcoin is trying to be some kind new asset or investment. Its not, its replacing cash. In fact cash is trash, bitcoin is the superior form of cash free from inflation.

They cant get past this paradigm because bitcoin is volatile against fiat. They dont understand how fragile our current monetary system is therefore cannot ever see a day bitcoin becomes the denominator. But one day soon as inflation gets out of control, fiat becomes unstable and supermarkets everywhere accept lightning invoices things will start naturally being priced in sats out of convenience.

Bitcoin isnt an investment it is money, it is what you hold when you dont want to be invested in the markets, it is what you hold in emergencies, it is what you save for your future.

Cash is not king, Bitcoin is king.

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