These are a few I’ve encountered over the years. – The woman in Afghanistan who cannot get a traditional bank account because of her gender and status and is this trapped. – The Ukrainian person fleeing a war zone with money that will not be accepted in other jurisdictions. – The person who wishes to donate to a cause that their bank or government does not support. – The person who has seen the buy button removed from their chosen stock and suppressed with synthetic shares. – ⁠The person who sees regulatory capture and oppression creeping into their society. – The person who saw multiple banks fail in the United States over the past two years because the federal reserve said they “weren’t even thinking about thinking about raising rates” so the bank bought bonds with low rates but then suffered as the principals tank and then had a run on the bank from concerned account holders. – ⁠The person who realizes that the interest on the US government debt is passing military spending that is unsustainable. – ⁠The person who had their bank account locked for protesting mask mandates. – ⁠The person who remembers buying a hamburger for $0.25 when they were younger. – The person who saw the US confiscate gold in 1971 from individuals and nations including France. – ⁠The person who is not allowed to visit Fort Knox to verify US gold reserves. – ⁠The person who sees politicians front-running financial markets, holding companies hostage for their own gains, and creating a different set of rules for themselves. – ⁠The person who knows what has happened in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Germany with hyperinflation. – The person who values freedom, privacy, and individual liberty. – The person who knows that fiat money is backed by the success and credibility of centralized governments, and that 99% have historically failed within 150 years. – ⁠The person who knows the US dollar maintains less than 5% of its original purchasing power, and yet is considered the strongest currency and global store of value. – ⁠The person that sees the costs associated with maintaining a global currency, such as war and control of energy supplies. – The person who wishes to make a peaceful protest or simply opt out of a system they see as unjust. Thanks to u/tbkrida for the suggestion on this post.

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