This is a rant and I apologize beforehand for hurting feelings and not choosing the best words. I'm drunk and I need to have a word with you noobs. I've seen people discussing the possibility that governments could ban Bitcoin and omg how bad the big gov controls everything! What if they outlaw it? Or tax it? Or regulate it? Or kill the exchanges???

Let me say it clear: most of you cyber noobs have no effing idea what cryptography, decentralized networks like the torrent network, and ultimately crypto currency are capable of.

You're thinking in legacy system terms. You're thinking, "Oh no the economic value of my coins can go down because they control the exchanges". You don't get it. Maybe you don't even realize what your crypto actually is. For many of you, crypto is a vehicle to attain more power in legacy meat space. I get it, it's hard to think outside of the box and think beyond your own cognitive barriers. But it's way bigger than what your frightened, conditioned, slave mentality brain can even start to grasp.

What crypto doesn't do, among other things:

  • it doesn't care what your exchange rate is
  • it doesn't care how good your on and off ramps are
  • it doesn't care about your local law
  • it doesn't care about censorship
  • it even doesn't care about any of your meat space physical boundary conditions, other than the hash rate, connectivity, and the network topology of the network

It's a fucking cyber honey badger but most of you guys are stuck with their mind in the "but but but what if the big guys take it away from us" mindset. I'm so happy that the success of this project does not depend on whether people's feelings are aligned with the cryptographic reality of it.

Let me add only this: if it were possible to turn this thing off, It would be turned off already. None of your govs would have let it become what it is now. If they could have. They have tried to kill the torrent network for ages. Guess what, I've just seeded another terabyte this month. And I'm going to keep doing it, even if it means that I need to get a freaking satellite internet connection for doing so.

Vires in numeris.

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