Over the past year, our bitcoin-centric website has gathered a vast amount of enthusiasts every day, and we’re proud to announce now sees a million unique pageviews every week. Sees Phenomenal Growth in 2017

Since we started revamping our website we’ve added a vast array of products, services, and features that cover every aspect of the Bitcoin universe and we’re still not done.’s open portal is all inclusive offering newcomers and seasoned bitcoiners a place to discover everything about this emerging economy.'s Growth Continues to Soar Gathering 1 Million Visitors a Week sees 1 million unique pageviews per week!

Our site is dedicated to teaching the Bitcoin BasicsFrequently Asked Questions, Wallet and Exchange recommendations and more. This way if you’re looking for a place to purchase, sell, and store bitcoins safely has all the information you need — All in one place. Additionally, we’ve just added our own line up of wallets for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and the iOS wallet is on its way.

The Latest Bitcoin Headlines and an Informative Newsletter Service

A vast amount of our traffic stems from our news section which covers all the current topics, projects, companies, and trendsetters within the Bitcoin space. If you want to be kept up to date with the latest cryptocurrency headlines is the place to be. With all of our features, visitors are coming in droves, and we’re proud to have amassed 1M+ pageviews every week.'s Growth Continues to Soar Gathering 1 Million Visitors a WeekIn addition to our wonderful readers enjoying our news department, many unique web travelers are visiting our Tools section which has a price converter, paper wallet creator, site widgets, signature verifier, and even bounty hunter opportunities. We also have a fantastic price chart, derivatives exchanges, cloud mining services, and the best paying mining pool in the industry.’s Global Website Rankings Continue to Rise In Popularity

Every section of is seeing visitors from all around the world utilizing our tools and resources. Moreover, we offer our own Store, access to bitcoin debit cards, merchant solutions walkthroughs, and an impressive casino where global players are winning jackpots at roulette, black jack, dice, and more every day. There are so much more bitcoin-focused sections within our web portal, and we plan to cover a whole lot more.

With seeing our pageviews rise every day, were extremely happy to watch our global traffic grow. As far as online popularity is concerned holds a significant 6,831 global rank and a U.S. rank of 3,863 according to Alexa ratings. Our leading edge site as far as internet traffic is concerned surpasses many of the top bitcoin-focused websites that have been operating for years.'s Growth Continues to Soar Gathering 1 Million Visitors a Week’s popularity continues to surpass many of the top bitcoin-focused websites.

Tell your friends and family about our page today if they are looking for more information on Bitcoin, decentralized and open source platforms, and every related subject in between.

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